Book Review #2 – 101 Things I learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

I purchased this book during my first year at Architecture School and it prompted me to start thinking like a designer. It is a book I would highly recommend to all architecture students, especially during their part 1. It is as if the dimensions were perfectly designed to fit in a backpack moreover, this book makes an excellent studio companion. It offers an informative and concise overview of many important 3D design principles, without the hassle of reading a lengthily book. The books blurb states it provides ‘a much-needed primer in architectural literacy’ and it certainly delivers.

101 Things I learned in Architecture School is designed in a very clean and easy to follow format. Each point consists of a two-page spread entailing a prompt summary accompanied by beautiful diagrams and illustrations. Throughout the book it consistently gives you reminders, pointers, and advice on important aspects of the design field. It opens up your mind about how humans move through and understand space.

Overall, the book is a quick read but one you will refer to more than once. The design concepts in this book could be translated to other creative endeavours outside of the architecture field. It is interesting for anyone with an artistic vocation. I find myself re-reading this book between term times and it continues to open my eyes about the design process. It has made me look at the discipline of architecture differently.


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