New Year’s Resolutions….. Friend or Foe?

With the holidays coming to an end, the last few days of the year often end up being a time of reflection. What have I achieved this year? What do I need to focus on in 2015? What could I improve? Being able to reflect on both the good and the bad is something I feel is very important, it can only help in progressing forward positively in the new year. There is some debate as to how helpful or effective New Years Resolutions are, none the less I have decided to write down what I could benefit from achieving this year.

1. To find new ways to improve my organisation. I am normally a relatively organised person. In fact I have been known to sometimes over plan things. For me, the more organised I feel, the less stressed I am and can make better use of my time.

2. To engage in more regular exercise. I currently attend the gym however, probably not as much as I could. Regular exercise doesn’t just have positive health impacts on your physical self, but also helps with your mental health.

3. To try engage with people I wouldn’t normally talk to. I am a quiet and private person and it has always been a struggle to pluck up the courage to talk to new people. I hope to network more with other students and industry professionals.

4.  Sample 30 day challenges (please refer to my follow up post for further information)

May you all have a productive 2015!


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