Micro-essay writing – A personal goal.

After reading the Architects’ Journal (25-Nov-2013) writing prize entries, I have been inspired to set myself a goal of writing one micro-essay every two months. By doing this I hope to improve my writing and observational skills. I have grown to appreciate writing more through my architectural studies and enjoyed writing my dissertation.

What I hope to achieve:

– To discover a writing style that not only suits me but helps me to create engaging articles.

– Improve my critical analysis skills.

– Prepare me for future dissertations as I continue my studies.

I will follow the brief set for the AJ writing prize which is as quoted: ‘The essay can be on any topic relevant to architecture and must be no longer than 1,000 words. The subject matter may be historical or contemporary. The piece may look at an individual building or buildings, or a subject pertinent to the practice, theory or business of architecture’.

After I have finished my Eco-building course at the end of this year, I am going to use this brief to write a series of essays which I will then post on my ‘Dissertation and Essays’ page (provided I feel they are of a good quality). The subjects will vary.


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